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There’s nothing like the threat of a global pandemic to bring the topic of working remotely to the forefront.  This week, in response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), companies from all over the world are scrambling to get systems and policies in place to ensure that work Read More
Remote work success strategies
The process of auditing a website for ADA accessibility compliance, as described by the W3C(R) Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM) 1.0  falls into two essential categories: automated and manual. The automated part of the process is relatively straightforward. It’s Read More
Illustration of man sitting in wheel chair and woman standing against background projecting a checklist diagram.
Promet Named Acquia Growth Partner of the Year Award AND the Most Wins of the Year for 2019 in the Americas Recognized Based on Business Performance We are pleased to announce today that Promet Source has been selected for two Acquia Awards for Growth Partner of the Year Award AND the Most Wins Read More
Promet Source Winner: Public Sector Growth Partner of the Year by Acquia
In our current, digitally driven business climate, search engine optimization (SEO) and optimal web experiences are inherently intertwined. Each feeds off and builds upon the other.  SEO has worked its way into our widely recognized business lexicon, and it’s generally understood that better SEO Read More
The letters SEO in a font that resembles the Google font, with the O made into a magnifying glass.
I was recently reading an interesting blog post concerning web accessibility. It seemed insightful and informative, until I came upon a link to “download a PDF …” for more information.  But wait. These PDFs were not accessible. I shouldn’t have been surprised. This kind of thing happens all the Read More
Braille text over letters PDF to depict PDF accessibility